Archive Publications


Archive Publications runs training courses for editors and writers in its specialist area of expertise: using macros in editing.

Courses under development

In the past year, we have run one-day training courses in various venues around the UK, and are constantly redesigning our courses in order to match the different levels of participants. The levels could be described as: N.B. Courses generally include some tuition in the use of the single most powerful macro, FRedit, but at a level appropriate to the group.

Course logistics

We’re keen to share our enthusiasm for the tremendous power of macros for the editor and writer, and we are willing to travel anywhere around the UK or abroad.

Group size – We are happy to give individual tuition, so that the training can be done on your own computer in your own office, but we’re equally happy if 15 to 20 people want to get together to share the cost of training.

Cost – The level of charging is negotiable, but obviously the further away you are from Norwich, UK, the higher the transport and accommodation costs, but we're happy to be hosted by local families, rather than paying for hotels.

If you’re interested, please contact Paul Beverley to discuss possibilities.