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Starting macros

If you’re totally new to macros, there are two paths you could take to get started. The Macro Starter Pack is a set of easy-to-load-and-use macros that will give you a good selection of macros to get you started.

However, many people who are less technically oriented find the learning curve is way too steep,so we’ve come up with a slower and more gentle approach: Macros from Square One for PC users and Macros from Square One for Mac users.

We have also extracted some of the introductory material from the book, to give you a more discursive approach, and to give you a feel of what’s possible with macros.

Free videos

To help you get to grips more easily with Word macros, we've prepared a whole set of training videos. Check out my You Tube channel.

The channel is totally unstructured, sadly, and there are over 160 videos (~1700 hours of free training!), but there’s a list of the videos, stating which macros each video features.


A powerful scripted global find and replace system (latest version: 06 January 2022).

“I downloaded [FRedit] … to see how it would work with a Spanish article that I’m editing. I have to report that the macro is FABULOUS! I usually spend a lot of time hanging accents on words that are supposed to have them; after setting up the script file as directed, I ran the macro and wiped a significant amount of time off the editing process. It wasn’t difficult and the time saved is enormous.”

(See the videos about FRedit, Parts 0 to 7 on my You Tube channel.)